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DIY online buzz measurement

November 14, 2008

Measuring “online buzz” is one of the latest and most lucrative offerings by high-priced Internet consulting companies. I just ran across a free tool that can provide insight without breaking your budget.

Perspctv had a really cool dashboard measuring online buzz for the 2008 US Presidential election. They’ve restructured their business plan to start developing similar dashboards for corporate clients. Now anyone can run a basic dashboard using their new tool, which is currently in beta.

The dashboard shows graphs of news mentions, blog mentions, Google search volume. Below the graphs, you see feeds from recent tweets, blog posts, and news mentions. The default search time span is today, but you can also get 5 and 30 day returns. Plus, you can get a permalink, so you can access the same search multiple times and share the link. Below is a screen shot from a quick dashboard I ran comparing HP, Dell, and IBM.


How cool is that? Give it a shot.

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