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Catching up and a weekly article recap

June 19, 2009

I’ve been lurking for a long time but I’m back! I’m getting ready to leave Las Vegas after spending a week seeding social media coverage at HP Tech Forum. There’s so much more to say than that, but for now I wanted to post links to a couple of articles that caught my eye as I was cleaning out my Google feed tonight.

Block Retweets For More Effective Twitter Searches: Perhaps removing “RT” from Twitter search strings sounds obvious but reading this short, but useful, tip has immediately paid off for me.

Why (Digital) Small Talk Matters. Really.: Hands-down, the most frequently asked question I get is “how do I demonstrate ROI for my social media activities”? Well, if you find the definitive answer let me know. This is where traditional tactics clash with new media–does our traditional notion of ROI apply to social media? I’m not convinced it does.

What’s the Best Way to Pitch Bloggers?: This article is definitely one you shouldn’t miss. Do our traditional notions of PR apply in social media? Again, I wonder if we marketers are trying to impose our “old school” tactics to a medium that just doesn’t support them. I’ve been actively working on fostering deep relationships with several bloggers since April, and I can’t count the number of times they’ve mentioned how a PR rep has sent them a pitch that had absolutely no interest for that blogger. When relationships matter, why would you send a generic press release and expect a blogger to write about it? I cringe just thinking about it.

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