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Why the social media customer is always right

July 9, 2009

Here’s another compelling reason to educate all companies and their employees on why every single customer interaction matters.

Even CNN covered it!

Then a fellow YouTuber and musician from cancelled his United flights and offered Dave Carroll the use of his Taylor guitar.

Who’s the winner here? and Dave Carroll. The loser? United.

Official scoring:
SoMe: 1
Big Faceless Corporation: 0

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  1. July 9, 2009 8:32 pm

    For the first leg of my recent trip to Las Vegas for the 2009 HP Tech Forum & Expo, I had the misfortune to fly United.

    After take off, I noticed that of the 12 seats in the exit row, only two were occupied.

    I asked if I could move seats since it was a 40% filled flight.

    Yes, said the stewardess.

    I moved to an exit row seat.

    Well, the stewardess came flying to me, “Sir, you cannot seat here.”

    Why. It’s empty., said I

    It costs more, she said

    But it’s empty., said I

    Yes, but it costs more, she said

    OK, how much more is it?, said I

    I don’t know, she said

    Can you ask someone about that so I can pay?, said I

    No,, she said

    No, you cannot or no you will not?, said I

    Both, she said

    OK, said I, and moved to my former seat.

    Right then, I made a decision that all my employees or contractors WOULD NEVER FLY United.

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