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@beccataylor’s Follow Friday roundup 10/23

October 23, 2009

FollowFriday#FollowFriday is a popular and useful Twitter meme that allows tweeters to share valuable contacts with their followers. I’ve discovered so many great resources from those I follow, so I’m starting a twist on #FollowFriday. In addition to suggesting people to follow, I’ll provide a roundup here with helpful links and insights I got courtesy of my Follows. In a week’s time, I often find several dozen links that look interesting; here are the ones that resonated most with me.

  • Want More Clicks? Tweet Less: Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) has been analyzing why people choose to retweet and ran across an interesting discovery: the more frequently you Tweet links, the fewer clicks you’ll get.
  • Chris Brogan on Better Blogger Pitches: Relevance, personal attention, and brevity—no big surprise but still widely overlooked by marketers who pitch bloggers. Maybe one of these days, we’ll all learn and abide by these lessons!
  • How Social Media Can Actually Work: Basic overview but the 4th tip really stood out. “Blend the personal and the professional…Consumers are savvy; they want a well-balanced mix of salesmanship and personality.”
  • 6 PR facts every marketer must know: The line demarcating PR and Social Marketing is blurring more and more every day. Use this opportunity to learn a little about some basic PR block-and-tackle tips. I guarantee you can apply them to your social marketing activities.
  • Create shared experiences: My BlogWorld Expo 2009 takeaway (#bwe09): BlogWorld Expo 2009—I’m so sad I couldn’t go! Thankfully BWE attendees are highly connected, so it was easy to get a view of the event via online commentary. Daniel Honigman’s key takeaway jumped out at me like bright, blinking lights: “A shared experience is the best way for brands to create real relationships with consumers.” Connection matters!
  • The Royal Order of Adjectives: And because writing matters for bloggers and tweeters, here’s a short lesson on adjectives.

You’ll find me on Twitter at @beccataylor.

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