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Learn about SoMe at HP with the Social Nerdia show

December 10, 2009

Esteban Contreras, the brains and brawn behind The Social Nerdia Show, sat me down for a conversation tonight about social media marketing at HP. I had a great time doing the interview! There’s so much to talk about these days, I feel like we only scratched the surface. Here are a few points we discussed:

  • I work in the Enterprise Business division of HP, so my work mostly focuses on B2B products like servers, storage, software, and services.
  • One year ago we were still convincing ourselves that social media marketing had a definite role in B2B marketing motions. Now we have a small team dedicated to enabling our business teams to engage on social networks.
  • My chosen focus this year has been on using social media to build relationships with our customers. I’ve also worked to launch blogger outreach programs that have changed the way we think about B2B social marketing. Yes, I love my job.
  • What’s my passion and the ONE word I’ll repeat about a dozen times if you ask me about B2B social media marketing? AUTHENTICITY. Yes, I’m yelling because it’s that important.

When he uploads the recording I’ll post it here.

Update: Click here to visit the podcast web site or use the embedded widget below.

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