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An Intro HP’s Enterprise Social Media COE

May 10, 2011
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I’ve had the pleasure and satisfaction of being involved from the ground up in the HP Enterprise Business Social Media Center of Expertise (COE). I was the first person to join a fledgling team in November of 2008 to create a team that, at the time, was merely a gleam in our Director’s eye. Now we’re a team of six people who have collaborated to create an innovative group that works across the entire Enterprise division to empower and support our HP employee social media contributors. We’ve had two fantastic managers who have led us to this point, one of whom presented at the BlogWell conference How Big Brands Use Social Media on March 29, 2011.

I invite you to listen to Mia Dand’s (follow her blog and on Twitter) presentation on our Center of Expertise so you can see how we’ve grown to become an integral part of the Enterprise division. Without a doubt, because the social landscape evolves so quickly, we still have growing to do, but in this 25 minute video you’ll see how a small team of six dedicated personnel can help grow and influence a contingent of over 500* social media contributors for a brand.

*Mia mentioned 300-odd SoMe contributors, but that has since grown to well over 500.


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