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June 27, 2011

I recently discovered, a service that allows you to create a customized profile showcasing your online presence. The site offers a surprising level of customization options so you can truly make your profile your own. It’s pretty cool! I have to admit,though, that I wasn’t feeling quite up to the task of creating a kickass profile. So I cruised through their random profiles link for a couple of hours to see how people use It’s addictive! I hope you find these profiles as inspiring as I did—each one has an element that I think is worth emulating. Now I just gotta find time to bling out my profile!

  • Leonardo Teleanu: Freelancer – Logo & Brand Identity Designer — So far I think it’s my favorite profile. The design is so perfect for a brand identity designer.
  • Gavin Weeks: Entrepreneur • Creative Virtuoso • TW Steel Enthusiast — Weeks’ profile was the first (and only in my surfing so far) to make use of basic HTML within the description.
  • Ryan Deeds: Technology Leveraged Humanist — I love the photo in this profile with the “who are you?” question. It reaches out and grabs you. And it’s a great visual message of Deeds’ professional ethos.
  • Julie Hunter: atlanta based portraiture photographer — The simplicity of this profile is great. Personally, I’m drawn to the short, active phrases (perhaps that’s my “simpler is always better” tech writing background). And rather than being a passive bio, Hunter invites your engagement with the “Let’s chat” entry.
  • James Buckhouse — Buckhouse’s profile is a story, and the text and the photo tell the same story. Consistency is just as powerful as a superhero.
  • John Valentine: Startup Guy — Valentine’s personality, as an individual and a professional, shines through his photo and bio.
  • Ofir Cohen: 3D Artist ,Graphic Designer , Cookie Lover — Another simple yet striking profile.
Sign up for your own profile here.
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